Kerri McDermott
Hello, and welcome!

I was born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska. A sense of adventure moved me to many places including New Orleans, Colorado and Grand Cayman. I now live in beautiful San Francisco where I earned my MFA in Illustration at the Academy of Art.

I am an illustrator specializing in the children's market. I get a kick out of drawing, traveling, dancing and designing costumes. I have a knack for finding the humorous side of things and I simply adore picture books even though I don't fit at the kids table anymore. As an illustrator, I find the process of exploring concepts on my own (and with others) to be half the fun! In the end, I believe the best illustrations are a charming combination of intelligence, imagination and emotion.

My favorite illustrations make me laugh out loud and I hope you have as much fun with my work as I did creating it. Enjoy!